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The surgery review by your doctor

The details of how and why your Dr reviews your medical case is rarely focused on. Before anyone has any type of surgery, elective or necessary surgeries, that person should consult with their primary care physician to get surgical clearance for the procedure.

The Dr Payman Simoni Reviews

Dr Payman Simoni reviews his patients carefully to ensure great results.

Depending on what procedure the surgeon is going to do will determine what tests the doctor may want to prescribe to give surgical clearance, such as, the doctor may ask for some cardiac tests for cardiac clearance before surgery. These Dr reviews can save your life. Even plastic surgery requires preparation. Remember to ask questions and list any complaints. In Beverly Hills, Dr Payman Simoni reviews all patients cases before be performs his famous Simoni Lift or other cosmetic surgery.

The patient should also have the doctor extensively review their medical history and review any health problems or concerns that may arise from anesthesia or the procedure itself.

Condition such as diabetes, asthma, or COPD should be reviewed. The reason being is that the person with diabetes may have impaired healing or the person with asthma or COPD could have serious respiratory complications from the anesthesia or pain medications.

Cosmetic surgery can be elected or a necessary procedure. Cosmetic procedures for the face and our body could be a necessary procedure, such as, to remove excess skin around the eyes that obstructs one’s visual acuity. If the person has had an extreme amount of weight loss they may need a tummy tuck or excess skin removed from the extremities.

If a child was born with a cleft lip they will need cosmetic surgery to correct the lip. If someone has been in an accident and their face was affected they may need procedures to repair the damage. Burn victims generally require cosmetic surgery to repair burn damage on the face and body. There is any number of cosmetic procedures of the face and body that people may need that warrants cosmetic intervention as a necessity to improve and increase quality of life.

There are about as many cosmetic procedures that people want to have that are not considered a necessity. Some people may want a face life to take years off of their face, and improve their appearance. Some may want a nose job, and would like the cosmetic surgeon to reshape their nose. Some women may want more alluring looking lips by injecting fat into the lips and making them look fuller. Some women want to reshape their buttock, arms, thighs and much more, because they are not happy with their appearances.

While none of these procedures may be considered a necessity by the insurance company or a surgeon, the person may consider it a necessity because the end result will make them happier about their appearance, and feel the procedure (s) may open more career doors of opportunity for them.

Whether someone is seeking a necessary facial or body cosmetic procedure or a non necessary procedure they should talk to their primary doctor about their goals and expected surgical outcomes and what it is that they want or expect from the procedure itself. This consult should also include the cosmetic surgeon.

Before anyone has any type of surgical procedure done they should check out the doctor’s credentials well. The patient should ask some of the following questions and get clean and concise answers. It is the patient’s responsibility to do an extensive doctor review. A Dr review will take time, but it is better to safe than sorry about problems that could arise from an inexperienced surgeon.

The Doctor Complaints

Go over any complaints with your doctor and ask questions.

A good Dr review by the board of physicians from your state will tell the patient and their primary care physician if there are or have been any Dr complaint issues with the surgeon. Dr reviews will require contacts be made to the right sources, and then the patient should weigh any and all doctor complaints as to what should require more doctor reviews from your primary physician before agreeing to any surgical procedures.

Dr complaint reports should not be taken lightly when found during doctor reviews, especially since one is considering surgical procedures with the surgeon in question. It is vitally important that the patient is at ease and has complete trust in their surgeon before proceeding with any surgical procedures.

  • Where did the doctor take his schooling?
  • How long has the doctor been in his practice?
  • How long has he been an active surgeon?
  • Is the surgeon board certified?
  • Are there any outstanding doctor complaints against this surgeon?
  • Does the person know of any other people who have had this doctor’ services and were they happy with the outcome?
  • Will this doctor communicate with his patients well, explaining procedures, and risks?
  • Does this doctor have a good bedside manner?
  • Does this surgeon feel that you are his number one priority?
  • Will this surgeon communicate with your primary physician?
  • Is your primary doctor in agreement that the surgeon you chose a reputable and sought after surgeon?

In the end, make sure that you and your primary care physician are in agreement that you have made the right choice in surgeons before proceeding. Also, know that no one is perfect and with every surgical procedure there remains a certain risk for the patient regardless of how much expertise the surgeon has. Complications are not always the fault of the doctor, and perhaps any Dr complaint against the doctor was not the doctor’s fault, but that of the patient. The patient must take some element of responsibility after they have made their informed medical decision to proceed with cosmetic surgery.

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  1. Gary Roberts

    Dr Simoni Testimonials

    Just reading this article gives me a greater understanding of elective cosmetic surgery & reconstructive surgery. While they both have their positive qualities many dangers can be caused from them. Going to the wrong surgeon can cause you years of disfigurement & permanent disability from a procedure that is not done in the correct manner. Anyone who is considering these types of procedure should commit to careful research of any potential doctor who performs these as well as conferring with their own personal physician. This article is a goldmine of valuable info !

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  6. Lori

    It is reassuring that Dr Payman Simoni Reviews and complaints page shows you how to spot fake testimonials. I cannot imagine what it would be like to having a botched plastic surgery.

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