Cosmetic Surgery Complaints

Facial Surgery: The Outcome

At certain times, for some of us we seek out cosmetic surgery complaints to check on our doctor. We also reach the point when we wonder if making a change in our facial features might make a difference in our daily lives. Since, the natural aging process occurs in us as we walk through our lives, it is hardly noticeable day to day.

As we live our life moments, our face slowly begins to wear the years we have walked. We start to appear older outside than we feel on the inside. Is that a reason to opt to change things surgically? For some of us, personal and professional life changes, can often prompt us to consider changing facial traits too, but is that really necessary for us to insure more happiness?

The Cosmetic Surgery Complaints

Cosmetic Surgery Complaints and testimonials should be reviewed before getting a facelift or other cosmetic procedures.

Some characteristic were once considered endearing when we were young but they become somewhat of a social encumbrance as adulthood approaches and we begin to plot a course for the bumps and curves that lay ahead of us. Fixing that unwanted facial trait in order to feel more confident is an option but, will it help us overcome insecurities and walk with confidence? Then comes the hard work of research. Different types of facelifts and different doctors. Researching both for complaints and reviews may be recommended by Dr Payman Simoni of Beverly Hills. He has a webpage of testimonials that clients can easily read.

In my case I am getting to the point in my journey where I am not appearing as young as I feel inside. So, I was thinking maybe a nip on the chin and a tuck on the neck might merge my spirit back in sync with my body. So, I decided to weigh the pros and cons for having cosmetic surgery with the hope the positive results would overcome the negative end results.

The vision I had of my desired outcome, was pleasing. But the thought of the procedure itself was disconcerting to me. So I decided looking into the actual process would be the best way to conclude whether to proceed beyond clinical results and actually take the plunge. As I began reading, many of the procedures done on faces were medically necessary. That made me wonder if the decision to do that procedure was easier to make than deciding to do elective surgery.

Cosmetic Procedures

The Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery procedures are an elective surgery.

I started by reading cosmetic surgery reviews and cosmetic surgery complaints. If there were any negative outcomes, I would break down the pros and cons by analyzing a Dr review for each Dr Complaint regarding facial surgery.

I got off to a bad start, which I did not anticipate and honestly, that dashed my hopes that this was a good idea. The first cosmetic surgery complaint came from a Dr review from a face lift where an eyebrow procedure had been done with no patient permission, the face lift’s incision was visible on the forehead and the patient’s nose when healed was caving in on one nostril. In addition the patient walk up in severe discomfort several times during the surgery.

For a few minutes I thought forget this, natural aging has to be the best way to go.
But, with only one finding, I decided to press further. Thankfully and happily I was able to find a plethora of encouraging cosmetic surgery reviews that went into great detail regarding patients that sought nose jobs and face lifts for purely cosmetic reasons that had their issues corrected with favorable results and very few cosmetic surgery complaints.

As I read each Dr review, I realized that there was a common thread running through each of those cosmetic surgery reviews. That thread was, each physician had reviewed the patient’s medical condition to a great extent before surgery. They took the time to understand the patients concerns and sometimes fears, often fueled by a Dr complaint that the patient had heard about or read. So the first item on my pro list, find a Dr whose priorities include an extensive review of my medical condition before surgery and who would take the time to listen to all of my concerns before committing to performing a procedure.

Medically necessary facial procedures.
Regarding my question on medically necessary facial procedures that are done.
I discovered that these procedures are to maintain a person’s well being. One of them, being to take out skin cancers. Some other reasons for medically necessary procedures done to the face were for facial reconstruction due to accidents, repair of large incisions with crushed facial bones and damage to the facial skin due to extensive burns and severe chemical exposure that destroyed skin. All of these were done to insure the health of the patient and there is no question for the most part, as to whether or not to have these procedures. With the exception of this case, when a person is still functioning with the flaw, but it needs be repaired for the patient to acquire a more ordinary and pleasing look, such as a noticeably dark birth mark or a large cut on the skin that formed a highly visible scar.

So the decision process to have a medically necessary procedure verses a purely cosmetic procedure, is more simpler to a degree.

The common complaints that lead to cosmetic surgery are; lines on our face, noses that are dis-proportionate with facial features, brow lines in the forehead and lines that are on the higher part of the nose, drooping brows and sagging skin on the neck, frown lines, chin proportions as it appears at the side and frontal view.

In conclusion, any of these issues can be solved by surgery. The key to a successful outcome is communication with your doctor. Remember, have your doctor review your medical condition thoroughly before surgery. Have all of your concerns and questions on the table and be completely satisfied that they are addressed so you feel confident going into the procedure.

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